I’m now living in Calgary, Alberta where I work full time as a nanny, and I hope to attend nursing school in the coming year. But I’m not from Calgary!

It’s actually really crazy to think about where I am today compared to a few years ago. I had dreams – big dreams. I wanted to travel. I wanted to leave my job for something more, to feel fulfilled. I wanted to meet people and see places – to move to a new country. I wanted to challenge myself and love myself more than I ever had.

And who knew that all of these dreams would come true.

To be honest, after my mom died (over 4 years ago now), I was stuck in this faux comfort zone that really was not comfortable at all. The most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life, actually. But it was easy.

It was easy to not try to change anything. To sit in my sadness. To let my relationships slip away. To not take care of my body. To stop giving myself the love I needed. And thats where my “comfort” resided – the simplicity of not working hard to change things around.

Somehow, and I’m not entirely sure how, I began to change. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I dealt with my shit (still dealing!!). I made an effort every day to reach one goal. To have a small win. Sometimes that would be not crying at school. Sometimes it would be getting in a workout. A good day would mean getting work done, catching up with friends, and reminding myself that I am strong. But each day was hard and each day was uncomfortable – and I was changing.

I re-found my passion for training even though I had to quit track due to injuries. I got to help new athletes learn how to train hard. I finished school, I kicked butt. I started internships and lived on my own. I put energy into relationships that needed it. Slowly but surely, and definitely not with ease, I started to become who I had missed. I was getting back to myself, the woman my mom knew I could be. And I decided that I would never let myself go back to “comfortable” Teigan.

So, I set some goals. And I reached every single one.

I set off to travel October 2018 and returned to California that December. In the next year I visited 7 new countries. I met so many people that are so incredible. I swam in new oceans, hiked up new mountains, and jumped off of bridges and out of planes. I did so much that I had always dreamed of.

While I was in the Philippines I met my now boyfriend, who was living in Calgary – a spot I was looking into for nursing school. He let me come visit and I fell in love (with him and Calgary)!

I moved to Canada in January of 2019 and it has been nothing short of an adventure. I get to live downtown for the first time (goodbye suburbia), experience the changing seasons, and find out what it means to make an entirely new place, home.

And boy does it feel like home.

I have challenged myself and loved myself more the past 2 years than I ever have, and it has changed my life.

I want to help people. I want to put my knowledge and experience to use. I want to interact with people and get to know them – their passions, their struggles, their dreams.

I can’t wait to be a nurse, and I love being a trainer. And this journey is such an inspiring time for me, so thank you for being here and learning about me.

Now let me learn about you!