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Fitness & Sustainability – are our gym habits hurting the environment?

A huge realization hit me probably when I was in high school, when I realized that keeping myself healthy and keeping the earth healthy actually had quite a lot in common. The health of our bodies and the health of the environment are undeniably intertwined. Why should you care about the environment? We all need to act on reversing climate change. Now. I don’t … Read More Fitness & Sustainability – are our gym habits hurting the environment?


Are abs made in the kitchen?

Everyone has heard this one. Whether it’s a trainer at your gym, your friend’s mom who always comments on your snacking, or a fitness influencer screaming it at you, you’ve heard it.  So, is it true?! What kitchen appliance do I need to make abs in the kitchen??? Is it a Ninja product, a George Foreman…. Help me out here. Someone whip me up … Read More Are abs made in the kitchen?


diet dos and don’ts

I think it’s extremely common for people to be very overwhelmed and even confused with information on diet/nutrition. There are SO MANY different diets, fads, tips & tricks out there that make the topic extremely saturated. And to top it off – most of the advice that is circling around is completely contradictory. Someone you follow thinks that one diet is the secret to … Read More diet dos and don’ts